Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awesome News

I spoke this past Sunday on the idea of doing something that's going to outlast you ... that we need to give ourselves away to something bigger than we are ... a cause, a purpose, a reason. I used the illustration that the Bible describes our lives as a vapor or mist. I had a can of Fabreeze Air Freshner. I sprayed it and, as we watched the mist disappear, I said that's how the Bible describes our lives ... here for a minute and then gone ... BUT, it sure smells a lot better where I sprayed the Fabreeze. Our job ... to make our world smell better.

Anyway, I walked in to my office this morning and found a letter from Compassion International. We help sponsor a little girl in Thailand named Suphawan. The letter said:

"I have important information about your sponsor child. Suphawan is no longer in Compassion's sponsorship program. We have learned that Suphawan's family has improved. Thanks to your support, Suphawan's life has been positively impacted."

It was so cool to receive that letter and know that one little girl's life across the world ... a little girl I have never met but have corresponded with many times ... is in a better situation. Because we have been blessed, we were able to bless someone else! I just loved receiving that letter, especially off the heals of what was talked about Sunday at Grace.

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  1. Oh, Rich, that's just wonderful! And you did a terrific job with the message on Sunday. It was thought-provoking and inspiring, and I certainly appreciate the effort you put into sharing God's Word with all of us! Onward....


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