Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- We had simply amazing services at Grace yesterday. We moved to 3 services and will be doing so from this point on. Each service was full of people ready to celebrate and ready to respond. Above our some pics I pulled from Pastor Jim's blog after people made a decision to follow Jesus. There were 150 people who responded! Woot Woot! Lots of hugs, lots of tears, and lots of celebration. When people responded, Jim had them come and walk across the stage. We shot off a confetti machine and shouted out the song "Happy Day" by Steve Fee! What a way to celebrate. Each person who made a decision received a little magnet to help them mark the day. The magnets said, "I was found on 4/4/10."

- Some ways we tried to engage people at Grace while the Word of God was being spoken: We used an incredible story of survival, a couple of video clips, and a dramatic resuce scene in our auditorium that included loud helecopter effects, a rescue boat being lowered from the ceiling, people repelling from the track, a stage design that was one of our best, and lots of flashing lights. People were engaged the entire time they were with us.
- One thing we tried to do on Easter was have our teenagers involved a bit more. Several of them were in our Stomp set, several were serving as ushers or on the worship team, and we also had several teenagers being "tour guides" for any new families who came to Kid City. Here's one of our axis girls helping out.
- I wonder how many times the Steve Fee songs "Happy Day" and "God is Alive" were sung across the country?
- Tis the season for allergies and mine kicked in full swing on Wednesday. My head unfortunately understands what a balloon feels like just before it's ready to explode.
- Big two hour 24 special tonight. Bummed to learn that this is the last season for 24, but excited that it may be brought to the big screen. My wife likes to say I have a "man crush" on Jack Bauer. :)
- Amazed that baseball season is among us and hoping my Pirates at least get out of the cellar this year. Go Buccos!

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