Friday, April 30, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 4-28-10: You Pick

Topic: Is Porn So Bad?

Fun Stuff: The Impossible Shot in our gym

Attendance: 7 First Time Visitors

Bible Verses: 1 Corinthians 6:12, Matthew 5:27 - 28, Matthew 15:18 - 19

Night Review: We finished out our "You Pick" series with the 3rd most voted for topic: Is Porn So Bad. I tried to address the topic first by letting our kids know that I'm NOT for censorship. I believe people should have the civil right to watch pornography if they so choose. But, I also let them know that, if you're someone trying to embrace Jesus' way of life, just because you can watch it doesn't mean you should (Look at 1 Corinthians 6:12). We are called to a high standard of living and, by definition, pornography exists to stimulate sexual desires. A person doesn't watch porn for the great acting or the great story lines. They look at it to "get off." I then shared 4 reasons why we should stay away from pornography:
1. If you're trying to embrace Jesus' way of life, pornography has nothing good to offer you.
2. It's not a hormone issue, it's a heart issue. Our actions stem from within (Matthew 5:27 - 28, 15:18 - 19). God is in the business of changing hearts. Following Jesus is not about our behavior. It's about our heart. If our heart has been changed, our actions will be changed. BUT, if our actions are not lining up with where we say our heart is, then we have a heart issue. Something is not right on the inside.
3. It degrades women ... and men for that matter. It doesn't honor women (or men). It doesn't respect women (or men). Imagine if an alien crash landed on planet earth and they crashed in to an adult bookstore. If the first impression of people on this planet was what they saw on a pornographic video, what would they think? They'd think women are ready to have sex ANY TIME and ANY WHERE a man wants too. They'd think that the bodies of men or women are perfect ALL the time. They'd also think that sex is purely a physical thing ... it's just about "getting off." That's not God's design for the sexual relationship and it's certainly not God's design for men and women.
4. Pornography will numb and desensitize you the longer you look at it. The people who make and distribute pornography do not care about you. They care about making money. So, they will portray sex and sexual fantasies in the way that will make the most money for them. They don't care if it ruins families or becomes addictive or causes damage in a person's life. They care about making money. It will cause you to believe that sex is only physical when, in reality, the physical part of sex is minute compared to the emotions and the intimacy that comes with a sexual relationship.

The reality is that most of our kids have been exposed to pornography. We can either choose not to believe that OR we can address the reality and talk about what God has to say about it. It was a good night of open discussion.

Next Week: One Fun Night

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