Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- While I was at our church services yesterday, I noticed that we had 2 axis kids in the tech booth, two axis kids on stage, and several former axis kids helping out. LOVED seeing that!

- Got to go out on a much needed date with my beautiful wife Saturday night. LOVED spending time with her and just being alone together. I'm in love with my bride!

- This year's NCAA bracket is officially my worst bracket EVER! I'm already done and the Final Four hasn't even started yet! I usually have at least one team in the Final Four. Good thing I'm not a betting man. :)

- I'm convinced that the Law of Inertia (an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion) not only applies to physics but ALSO to working out. The more I work out, the better I feel and the more energy I have to work out. If I don't work out, the worse I feel and the less energy and motivation I have to do so. My schedule last week sort of kept me from being as active as I wanted to be and I just felt really sluggish. First thing this morning (5:30am) I forced myself out of bed and went for a run. Today, I feel great.

- I had my 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer on Friday (3/26). I still remember that day like it was yesterday. But, so far, so good. Been cancer free since October 2007 now. Woot Woot!

- On that note, I have the privilege of being interviewed by the Goshen Cancer Center tomorrow afternoon. They're doing a "Survivors" dinner in just a few weeks and are putting together video interviews from some local cancer survivors. I'm excited to share a bit of my story.

- I know I'm totally, totally biased, but I just think my kids are the most adorable kids in the world! Our nearly 3 year old son talked to Jesus on the phone yesterday. We were reading his children's Bible story Bible to him before bed and there was a short story in there about Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead. Anyway, Ezra was asking what the daughter's name was but the Bible doesn't give her name so we didn't know. So, he then proceeds to pretend to call Jesus on the phone and say "Hey, Jesus. What's her name?" He will also just come up to my wife and I and say "Let's have a meeting and talk about something." (Side Note: If he continues with that, he'll make some lady very happy some day) :) Our 15 month old daughter has now officially learned the word "No." She also loves to be thrown up in the air, bounced, and chased. She's absolutely adorable! If I could choose to have any two kids in the whole wide world, I would always choose them!

- I recently worked out a new schedule for myself in the office. I'm trying to set "artificial" deadlines for many of my things so I can make the most of my time and be the most productive. I felt like I was needing to switch things up a bit. Hopefully it helps.

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