Friday, March 5, 2010

Going Organic

Carol and I decided to make the transition to organic food around May of last year. After my battle with cancer 2 1/2 years ago, I really learned to appreciate health and promised myself that I would do my best to stay healthy and be active. Going organic is one of the decisions we made to try to meet that promise. We started with milk, then moved to fruits and vegetables, and then decided that, if we're going that far, we might as well just be all in. I'm certainly no health expert. I'm not an organic expert either. But, from my layman's point of view, here's what I've learned since going organic:

1. It Takes More Prep Time. We hardly eat out of a box any more. Carol does an absolutely amazing job planning out meals and then making the meals from scratch! Honestly, I don't know how she does it. With two kids under 3, mounds of laundry, and everything else that comes with managing a home, she still always has a home cooked meal waiting for me. I'm so blessed. But, using organic ingredients definitely takes a bit more planning and time when it comes to meals.

2. It Takes a Bit More Out of the Budget. There's definitely a price difference between organic and non-organic foods. We had to make room in our budget by cutting other things out or lessing other areas in order to increase our food budget. But, for us, it was worth it. We'd rather pay for healthy foods than for doctor visits in the future. You can counter act some of the costs buy going online and finding coupons from organic companies. Some of the local stores also have their own USDA organic brands, which are a little less expensive.

3. I Feel Better. I feel better about what I'm eating. 85% to 90% of the stuff we eat is organic and it's homemade. I just feel better about that which helps me feel better about myself. No harmful chemicals or pesticides either, which is better for us and for the environment.

4. It Still Has Calories. Just because it's organice doesn't mean you still can't get fat eating it. I still have to be willing to watch my intake of food ... some days I do better than others. :) I still have to be willing to be active and burn my calories. But, eating healthy actually aids my body in buring calories. The healthy food gives my body more energy and doesn't weigh me down by feeling sluggish from sugars and carbs.

Now, can you still be healthy and not eat organic. Absolutely. But, we just felt it was the best decision for us and I'm really happy that we're committed to this. I really do feel better about myself and what we are giving to our kids.

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