Friday, March 26, 2010

CE National Youth Workers Conference Mind Dump

It's been a great week of learning for me. I've had the opportunity to go to two seperate conferences on ministry and leadership and just soak in information. I feel like my mind is about ready to explode right now and I'm really excited about the stuff I learned and how axis can benefit from it.

Monday and Tuesday I was at something called CELS (Church Effectiveness Leadership Summit). CE National is a wonderful organization that, well, to be honest, I owe so much too. The mission trips, the youth conferences, the training seminars, the people there ... all of those things have had an incredible impact on my life. I'm in ministry today because of a mission trip I went on that was sponsored by CE National. Anyway, they put on a conference for youth pastors and youth volunteers early this week. Here are some of the things I walked away with ... in no particular order:

- There are some good, good youth pastors out there. I loved being able to rub shoulders with others involved in youth ministry. Our fellowship of churches has some very gifted and very blessed youth pastors.

- We tend to think that as long as we do programs, we are doing OK. What really matters is do we truly understand ministry.

- Real ministry is one person making a significant spiritual impact on another.

- God wants people to experience "life-change."

- Can I define the "win" in my youth ministry? What do I desire a student to experience and be like when they graduate from axis? Do I know what I am trying to produce?

- I need to think strategically.

- I need to help every student understand how to do ministry.

- Small groups are INCREDIBLY important because relationships are incredibly important.

- Our environment is INCREDIBLY important. Do kids feel loved? Do they feel welcomed?

The biggest "take-a-way" for me was the statement "Do I know what I am trying to produce?" What is the "win" for me? What bull's eye am I trying to hit?

I have many things to think through and sort out in my mind from the two days I spent at CE National. Can't wait to start working on this stuff.

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  1. Hey Rich, hope things are going well for you guys these days. A friend of mine is in a musical comedy group called Dave and Brian, and they do a lot of Christian youth events across the nation. I thought I would at least let you know about them in case you or any ministry you know might like to invite them out.

    Their website is, but they've also just done a great music video you can see at


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