Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 3-3-10 We Need God

Topic: We Need God
Student Involvement: Everything!
Fun Stuff: We had some sweet prize give-a-ways and we also did 2 Wii Just Dance dances shown on our big screen. Our kids LOVED it!
Attendance: 190 with 18 first time visitors
Bible Verses: Matthew 5:3, Romans 10:9 - 10
Main Thought: We Need God
Night Review: This was a pretty big night for us in that we were specifically planning to share the Gospel and so we had been priming our kids to invite their friends to come. We generally always have visitors, but it was cool to see so many come on this night. Our kids did a great job of inviting friends. Middle School and High School were done differently, but the theme was still the same ... We Need God. The key verse that we used was Matthew 5:3 "God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for Him, for the Kindom of Heaven is theirs." In middle school I shared my story and how when I really came face to face with Jesus, my life has never been the same! In high school we used a video of a few of our kids sharing their stories with each other and the difference Jesus has made in their lives. We talked about how we often search and search for different things, but how God blesses us when we finally realize our need for Him. I took time to share the Gospel and we has 24 kids respond either by getting saved or getting some things right with God. It was awesome!
Some Personal Thoughts: Some things came up this night that kept us from doing some of the things I really had in mind for the night. I felt like it was sorta like what God was doing to Gideon ... stripping down, stripping down, stripping down until finally there's no doubt that if something good happens, it's all because of God. I loved seeing God move and I loved seeing kids come to know Jesus or spend time getting some things right with God. Our student leaders did a great job of getting things up and going for the night and our adults really loved on our kids well.
Next Wednesday: Lies, Lies, Lies

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