Friday, March 19, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 3-17-10 Lies, Lies, Lies

Topic: The Lie: I Can Get Even
Fun Stuff: We started things off with a really funny video on "Ghosting". We also did a game called "Bobble Head" from Minute to Win It. The winner got a HUGE box of Lucky Charms to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. DISCLAIMER: If you ever play the game "Bobble Head" ... very funny game, but be prepared for kids to have slight brain damage from bobbing their heads so much! :)
Attendance: 166 with 7 first time visitors
Bible Verses: Ephesians 4:26
Main Thought: You can never really get even.
Night Review: We continued with our series Lies, Lies, Lies and talked about the lie "I Can Get Even." The idea behind it was to have kids begin to think about grudges they may be holding, bitterness over a hurt, or forgiveness they are not willing to give to someone. I used Ephesians 4:26 "Don't sin by letting anger control you. Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil." We really focused on the last part of that verse: "anger gives a foothold to the devil." I used the illustration of having cleets either for soccer, football, baseball, softball, etc. The reason we use cleets is to get better traction. If we hold grudges or hold on to anger, we are giving the devil better traction in our life and allowing him to exert his influence. When he does that, our lives will be surrounded by drama and confusion. It's just what the devil does. He wants us to believe that we can get even because it allows him to continue to get traction in our life. But, in all reality, we can never truly get even. When we have been hurt, we can never truly get back what was taken from us. It was a hard truth to talk to our kids about because I really wish that it weren't true! I hate the fact that there are kids in our youth ministry who come from broken homes or who have been bullied at school or who have been betrayed by friends or who have been abused ... but our anger won't bring our family back together. Our anger won't bring back a childhood that was stolen. Our anger won't bring back a trust that was betrayed. The only way to release the devil's traction and influence in our life is to forgive. Forgiveness says "I give up my right to get even." The longer we hold on to anger or hold on to a grudge, the more havoc it will wreak in our lives.
I gave kids the opportunity to go in to our prayer room afterwards and write down things they were releasing. Here are a few of the things that were written:
- "I release the grudge I had against my dad for not being there for me."
- "My dad has been arguing with my mom a lot and I always hated him for it. I don't want to anymore."
- I am releasing the grudge I have on my parents because of the fact that they seem to force me to live up to my sister's image."
- "Being betrayed by a best friend and losing trust in them."
My heart broke as I read many of the ways our kids have been hurt. Over 60% of the things kids wrote about dealt with their home life or specific things their parents have done. It reminded me to continue to pray for our teenagers .... "God, please release our teenagers from their hurts and don't let the devil have any more traction in their lives."

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  1. Those prayers break my heart Rich.. and just again reinforce how important it is to make sure you have a healthy safe homelife for your children and a healthy marriage.. so much of their homelife has to do with decisions they will make and some of those decisions might be life altering..I will be praying for our teenagers..


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