Monday, February 15, 2010

Yep, That's Me in a Bobsled Suit

I'd like to apologize to those of you that just threw up in your mouths a little bit. But, yep, that's me in a bobsled suit. Let me tell ya, my body has never been so happy to get out of something in my entire life. When I unzipped that zipper, it was like my body just EXPLODED out of that spandex!

Watching the Olympics got me thinking a little bit about Brock Krietzburg. I was able to work with Brock at a conference our church sponsored in 2007. Brock was an Olympic bobsledder for the US National team and competed in the 2006 Olympic Games. It's his suit I'm wearing in the picture and I'm thankful that he only laughed a little bit when he saw me in it. (Actually, I think he was a bit jealous of how I looked and used his laughter to cover up his insecurities after seeing me).

But, if you want to read just an incredible story of courage and determination, go to Brock's website and read this ESPN article.

Something else pretty cool about Brock ... he's going to play a CTU agent on one of my favorite shows ... 24! Man, I wish I would have kept that suit now.

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