Friday, February 5, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 2-3-10 Uncharted Passion

Topic: Uncharted Passion
Student Involvement: Worship Team, Tech Team, Greeting Team, Check-in Team, Photo Team, Taking Down Chairs, Cafe Team, Sharing Testimonies, and Passed Out Bibles
Fun Stuff: We got ready for the Super Bowl commercials by playing a fun game called "Guess ____________ Favorite Super Bowl Commercial. We pulled up one of our volunteers and we then watched 4 Super Bowl commercials from last year and had kids guess the volunteer's favorite commercial by going to a certain spot in the room. Kids that guessed correctly got .50 Cafe Cash. Very fun.
Attendance: 171 with 8 first time visitors
Bible Verses: John 9:1 - 7
The "Big" Idea: Your story is one of the most powerful ways to share Jesus with others.
Night Review: I used the illustration of entering a contest and winning Super Bowl tickets for the rest of your life. The only catch is that you can't claim that prize until 20 years from now. I asked kids how they would feel about that and the response in the room was pretty negative. I then tried to relate that to how we often look at a relationship with Jesus. We often feel that heaven is the only thing to get out of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Don't get me wrong ... heaven is gonna ROCK (understatement) and I can't wait to get there, but I want a God that make a difference in my life NOW. I need a God like that.
We looked at the story of Jesus healing a blind man in John 9. After the blind man was healed people were asking him tons and tons of questions about Jesus. He didn't have the answers, but he had one of the greatest responses in history: "All I know is I was once blind but now I see." He shared his story. He told people the difference Jesus made in his life.
I talked to our kids about how one of the things that scares us about sharing our faith is that we feel we'll often get all kinds of questions about God and we won't know the answers. Truth is, that could happen and probably will happen. But, we don't have to have all the answers. Just be willing to share what Jesus means to you and the difference your relationship with Him has made in your life. I read a card my wife sent me before my first chemotherapy treatment 2 years ago. She wrote a ton of stuff about me and the impact I've had on her (most of which I'm undeserving of, by the way) and I used that as an example of what it means to simply share with someone what Jesus has done in your life.
Some Personal Thoughts on the Night: Overall, it seemed like a really positive night. During the teaching time I tried to use a lot of humor and that seemed to really keep all of the kids' attention. Reading the card from Carol really hit home well and illustrated what it means to simply tell someone the difference Jesus has made in our lives. We passed out "Deeper Sheets" at the end of the night explaining to kids how they can better tell their "story." One highlight from the night was during our Middle School time. I went up to a group of students at the end of the night to simply say "thanks for being here." One of the kids (it was his first time here) said, "Hey, we could use you about right now." I was like "Why?" He said, "Well, I've been going through a rough time lately and these guys (meaning the group of friends there) told me how to ask Jesus in to my life." I was like, "Well, did you do that?" He said, "Yeah!" Wow! It was sooo cool to hear that and so cool to see the looks on the kids that led him to Jesus. Can't wait to see this kid start growing!

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