Monday, February 1, 2010

Really Good Leadership Advice

Had an opportunity to listen to Billy Hybels (yeah, I can call him that because we're tight) this weekend at our elder retreat. Listening to him on cd is not quite as good as listening to him in person, but it was still great stuff. He shared some advice on leadership. When Bill Hybels talks on leadership, believe me, I'm listening. Here's what I learned on how to be a better leader:

1. What do I believe? What are my bedrock beliefs as a person. Whatever they are, they are going to affect how I make decisions. He shared his are a)If I honor God, He will honor me and my ministry (and vice versa) b) People matter ... if I am wrong, I want to be wrong on the side of grace c) The local church is the hope of the world.

2. What Would a Better Leader Do? When making decisions, there are leaders that he knows personally or has only read about, but he will always ask the specific question "What would they do in this situation?"

3. Learn from the Pain of Prior Decisions. You don't need to be "whacked" again. Learn from your decisions gone wrong and from the decisions of others gone wrong.

4. Listen to the Promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust the Holy Spirit's gracious guidance. He shared examples of many, many times when a decision he made had absolutely nothing to do with his wisdom or his experience, but had everything to do with simply listening to the Holy Spirit.

5. Never call me "Billy"

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