Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Dance

I heard somebody say once that "A good Christian stays away from pre-marital sex because it could lead to dancing." Here's my take on it: As soon as my two kids were able to grab a hold of something and pull themselves up, they would shake their little diaper-clad butts to any type of music that had a beat to it. As one person said, "It seems to me that we come prewired to wiggle and giggle."
This past Friday night, we had one of our annual traditions at Grace where we do our best to get dads and daughters together to dance and have a good time. We call it the Daddy-Daughter Dance ... because we are just that creative.
When we started it 5 years ago, I had no idea it would become such a HUGE hit! But, every year we pack the place out and give dads and opportunity to spend some great time with their daughters. Here's why we do it: I believe that, outside of the husband/wife relationship, the most important relationship in the home is the one between dads and daughters.
This year was an absolute BLAST. Here's a few things we had planned:
- We do our best to let all the daughters know they're valued. We escort them in. We give them a red rose (or a bag of goodies for the little girls).
- We deck out the Link and make it look at nice as possible.
- We have drinks and dessert.
- We give dads and daughters an opportunity to share some special things about each other. This year ... wow ... some of the stuff the little girls were saying about their dads nearly had me in tears.
- Then we dance. We tried something different this year and we hooked up a Wii to our big screen and put in Wii's Just Dance game. It was PERFECT! (thanks for the idea Jeremiah Olson). Man, watching everyone dance to what was on the screen was so much fun and everyone had a blast. We also did some non-Wii dancing.
- Here's part of the playlist: Cha Cha Slide, Shout, ABC, Party in the USA, YMCA, You Make Me Feel So Young, Can't Help Falling in Love.
This year I was able to bring my 1 year old daughter for the first time. She could only stay about 45 minutes b/c of her bedtime, but I just LOVED having her there. Of course, she was the prettiest girl in the place!

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