Friday, February 19, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 2-17-10

Topic: Our Uncharted Review

Student Involvement: Kids were on the worship team, reading Scripture, praying, passing things out, working the cafe, greeting, and in our tech cage.

Fun Stuff: The Impossible Shot in the gym (had 3 winners and all got a $5 D.Q. gift card), and we also showed a really fun video of our youth ministry from Momentum 09. The video did a great job of showing the fun stuff and the serious stuff from the conference.

Attendance: 179 with 3 first time visitors

Bible Verses: Matthew 22:37 - 40, James 5:16, Acts 4:19

Night Review: I don't think I've ever done this before at axis, but I decided to do a complete review of our Uncharted series. I really feel like the stuff we've talked about (Kindness, Prayer, and Passion for the lost) ... I mean, if we get these things down as a youth ministry, God will use our kids to do just amazing things. I tried to convey this to our kids at the beginning to explain the importance of reviewing all of these things. I then tried to get super practical with our kids and gave them various ways to apply everything we've talked about over the past few weeks. We talked about how kindness is one of the best ways to show people Jesus Christ and how Jesus said if you can only do two things: Love God ... Love Others. To get practical we gave every teenager a package of Reese Cups and told them that their mission was to give it away at school on Thursday. Just a real simple way to show kindness. I also told them that if they eat it instead of giving it away, I prayed that God would give them the worst bowel movement of their entire lives. :) We also promoted our Uncharted Blitz coming up on 2/27 ... our way to go in to Goshen and do 10 Random Acts of kindness for people.

We then reviewed prayer and how the "Prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." (James 5:16) What better way to apply prayer then to pray at the place our kids spend most of their time ... at school. So I challenged our kids to be a part of something called Claim Your Campus. The challenge was to have every school represented at axis prayed for every day of the week. We had 77 kids sign up to pray on various days of the week for their school. Man, I can't wait to see how God begins to use the prayers of our kids. I also told our kids about our new prayer room that we are going to set up in the Link. It's a room that will be solely devoted to prayer, giving kids an opportunity to pray before or after axis and also to write prayer requests or answers to prayer down. Can't wait to see how God uses the prayers from that room also!

We finally talked about Uncharted Passion ... a passion to reach people who don't know Jesus ... how this is our mission at axis. It's why we do what we do. I talked to our kids about a recent experience I was able to have sharing my faith with someone. The person didn't make any type of decision, but they heard the truth. I also shared a story of my son Ezra. Ezra is 2 1/2 and attends a music class at Goshen college for little kids. At the class they gave him sticks to bang together to make music. Ezra stops in the middle of class and says, "Hey, everyone!" (He then makes a cross with the sticks) He then says, "Look, it's a cross. Jesus died on the cross so we could go to heaven!" 2 1/2 years old and he just shared the Gospel with all the parents and kids in that class! It was awesome! So, I tried to give really practical steps for our kids like: 1) Posting something on their facebook status about what Jesus means to them or a Bible verse or something God has done in their life. 2) Share their story with someone ... what Jesus means to them. 3) Invite someone to come to axis in 2 weeks because we'll be sharing the Gospel on that night.

We closed out the night with worship.

I tried to go really practical on this night and gave our kids very specific things they could do to go Uncharted with God. Exciting stuff is happening and kids seem to be pumped up about reaching their friends. I feel like we have some good momentum going at the moment and would really ask you to pray for our kids and our leaders.

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