Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Axis Lessons/Series for 2009

Something I'm learning as my time goes on in youth ministry is that ... man ... it's really hard to try to stay creative in fresh EVERY SINGLE WEEK when you're teaching. As I reflect on the past year, some weeks were definate homeruns and others were definate duds. I feel like I give my best in preparation and delivery every week, but some times it connects with kids and other times it doesn't. Anyway, here are my favorite series/lessons from 2009:

1) How to Be Your Best
- Do More Than What's Expected
- Pay Now, Play Later
- Stay Positive
- Make Those Around You Better

2) The End
- The Rapture
- Tribulation # 1
- Tribulation # 2

3) Surviving Your Family
- Choosing to Win or Choosing to Lose
- The Dysfunctional Family

4) Media/Music

5) God's Planet ... Our Responsibility
- God's Gift
- Little Things Make a Big Difference

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