Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- Incredibly challenged and incredibly burdened at our services yesterday. Jim spoke on the importance of talking to others about Jesus Christ. The short and sweet of it ... I'm burdened and broken ... broken of my non-chalant attitude over this at times and burdened to be more intentional about doing it. What I'm discovering ... not really discovering, but already knew (that's why I'm broken) is that I'm surrounded by people who already have a relationship with Jesus. It's great! We encourage each other and hopefully I'm able to build them up. But, what that means is I have to be intentional about getting around people who don't know Jesus. There are times I walk away from church incredibly blessed and times I walk away incredibly broken. This was one of those "broken" times ... but motivated to do more.

- I've started running again. I did a total of 10 slllloooowwwww miles last week and hope to up it this week. My knee, after the surgery, is sore and generally hurts during and after my runs, but it's a different kind of "hurt", if that makes sense. Not the hurt I was experiencing before that led to the surgery but a hurt that's like "Ok, I'm just letting you know I don't like you doing this, but go ahead and do it if that's what you want. I'm just going to tell you I'm not happy about it." Yes, I often have those type of conversations with my body parts. :)

- Been thinking through goals for our youth ministry for 2010 ... yep, a little behind. There are goals that I always want to see happen, but I'm really praying that God lays something on my heart that is totally different and totally "out there" for us. Something that's just so crazy that we almost just have to do it ... something we haven't done before, may never do again, but is just totally going to rock our youth ministry in 2010.

- Something I'm learning about goals ... it's real easy to put them down on paper.

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