Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have an article hanging in my office that my wife gave me about 2 years ago written by Diane Langberg ... an amazing counselor who works primarily with victims of sexual abuse. It was a bit of a "down" time for me in youth ministry. I had a couple of "people" issues going on and just some other things happening and my spirits were a bit down. If that's you today, please let these highlights from the article be an encouragement to you as they were to me:

"One of the things that happen to us in ministry of any kind is that the needs of people become our focus, our purpose ... We end up looking to those to whom we minister to provide us with meaning and motivation ... God often has to remind me that He and He alone is the source of my inspiration, my courage ... I am not to be dragged around by the needs of others. I am rather to be responding out of the deep well of God's love and in obedience to Him ... When the dominant note of my life becomes what others need, I will drown ... If the dominant note is the needs of others, then success is measured by how many of those I meet. However, if Christ is to be the outcome of our work, then success becomes another thing altogether. Success is what pleases Him, glorifies Him, and looks like Him. Success is not a body count of those who turned out a certain way. Success is rather whether or not I looked like Him no matter the outcome. We are in great danger when we put the emphasis on the results we see in the lives of others. The work of the Spirit in our lives is not evidenced in the number of people we fix, but in the character we manifest whether people are fixed or not. What happens in the lives He brings across my path is under His jurisdiction, not mine."

May you be encouraged today to find your inspiration, your goal, and your rest in Him.

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