Thursday, January 7, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 1-6-10

Topic: Movies

Student Involvement: Greeting, worship team, tech team, helping pass things out

Fun Stuff: Found a cool video on More Than Dodgeball of a guy signing Party in the USA. Just a fun way to countdown our service. We also did a couple of Poll Everywhere polls based on movies. We also watch 3 movie trailers from the top rented movies in the U.S. last week.

Attendance: 144 with 5 first time visitors

Worship Set: Not to Us, Jesus Paid It All, I Am Free

Bible Verses: Matthew 6:22 - 23, Philippians 4:8, Colossians 3:1 - 10

The Big Idea: We did this with music a few months ago and I wanted to refresh the idea in the minds of our kids by doing it with movies. We talked about Discovering, Discerning, and Deciding when it comes to movies. Discover what the movie is about (what am I going to see and hear? What message is the movie going to give me?) Discern if this movie will hinder anything that the Bible teaches for my life (Am I going to see things that can cause me to sin? Am I going to hear things that could be considered "unwholesome?") Finally, Decide ... make a decision if this movie is something I'm going to allow to enter my mind.

The big thought for the night was just because I have the RIGHT to watch something doesn't mean that I SHOULD. I didn't want to tell our kids what they should or should not watch, but I wanted to give them the tools to decide whether or not something is healthy or unhealthy for them to watch. We watched 3 movie trailers from some of the top rented movies in the U.S. last week: The Hangover, District 9, and Jennifer's Body. I had a list of things I pulled from Plugged In Online on what one would see if they watched these movies. I then had kids talk with each other on the 3 D's (Discover, Discern, and Decide). I tried to make the night very interactive ... kids talking with each other and also talking with me. I simply tried to show them the process I go through to decided whether or not I'll go see a movie. I tried to be real honest with things (i.e. I'd love to see The Hangover b/c it looks so funny but because of it's content I won't go see it and talked about how that can be an act of worship to God.)

Over all it was a pretty good night. It seemed like our kids enjoyed being able to interact. I'm still trying to "perfect" this with a larger group of students. It can sometimes be pretty difficult to have kids interacting with each other and with me and not begin to see things become a little too talkative. Still working on that one. But, overall, a good night with very practical thoughts for our kids.

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