Thursday, January 21, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 1-20-10 Uncharted Kindness

Topic: Uncharted Kindness
Student Involvement: Kids were taking pictures, greeting, working in our cafe, picking up chairs, and reading Scripture
Fun Stuff: The Impossible Shot in our gym, A team sent out to do random acts of kindness, and The Everyday Kindness Initiative video.
Attendance: 132 with 5 first time visitors
Bible Verses: Jeremiah 9:23 - 24, Colossians 3:12, and Matthew 8:1 - 3
The Big Idea: Look at every day as an opportunity to show kindness
Night Review: We are teaming up with the "Big" church theme for the year which is "Uncharted." It's the idea of allowing God to take us places we've never been before in our journey with Him. We started out our night watching a really good video called The Everyday Kindness Awards. It was a good way to kick off our night and our series. We then asked for volunteers to go out with one of our adults and do random acts of kindness for strangers in our community. We sent them out with prayer and then heard from them when they got back. It was a great way for us to make things more interactive and also kept kids in "suspense" as they waited for them to get back.
We looked at the story of Jesus healing the leper in Matthew 8:1 - 3 and simply how Jesus showed kindness to the person who would have been considered a social outcast at the time. We talked about how kindness goes to the core of who God is and that when we show kindness to others, we are giving other people a clear picture of God. The main challenge for our kids was to look at every day as an opportunity to show kindness. We also watched a video of Tony Campolo sharing an amazing story of kindness. Really drove our theme home well.
At the end of the night we heard from our team of kids who went out to do random acts of kindness. They did things like pay for someone's meal at McDonald's, buy drinks for someone at a bowling alley, clean the parking lot of a gas station, and help pay for someone's gas. It was so cool to see the excitment on their faces as they came back and that probably said more than my entire teaching time!
We tried some things different tonight as well. We scratched music for the evening. We also had a time of group prayer where kids got in smaller groups and prayed specifically for God to speak to them and also to provide an opportunity for them to be kind the next day. We passed out a sheet called 30 Ways to Show Uncharted Kindness and we also passed out a Deeper Sheet on our lesson. We finally encouraged our kids to go to our Facebook page and share the different ways they have been able to show kindness.
Overall a positive night and my prayer for us was that we would leave that room on mission as an army of kindness.

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