Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I LIKE and DISLIKE the Mid-West

I was reminded yesterday of one reason why I DON'T like the mid-west and one reason why I DO like the mid-west.

I DON'T LIKE the mid-west because of the crazy cold weather we get. It was so cold and so windy ... I mean, you stepped outside and you were instantly cold to the core. The "flatness" here just means the wind blows and blows and it can just be bitterly cold sometimes. Yep, I've grown soft as I've gotten older, but the weather recently has caused me to ask the question "Why don't I simply move to where it's warm."

I DO LIKE the mid-west because of the "mid-west hospitality." Case in point, yesterday we took our kids to Picture People to have their Christmas pictures taken. Anyway, we are walking through the mall and I can't tell you how many people stopped us and talked to us about our kids and commented on how cute and adorable they looked. Seriously, it was crazy! People were so kind and saying such nice things and it didn't even feel "unusual," like "Why are these people stopping us?" It's just normal 'round these parts and I love it. After we got the pictures taken, we went to the little play area in the mall to let our kids play. Anyway, when we left I had forgotten my cell phone. So, I go back to see if I can find it and a couple that was there when we left see me coming and hold up my phone as if to say, "Don't worry. We're making sure no one takes it." Not only that, but they actually found my "Mom and Dad" contact in my phone ... CALLED my mom and dad and asked if there was any other way to get a hold of me because I had forgotten my phone. The guy is telling me all of this and then goes on to say, "Yeah, your mom was such a nice lady."

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