Friday, December 25, 2009

Telling the Christmas Story

Leave it to a pastor to use "props" while telling the Christmas story to his kids. :) We started our very first Christmas day with just our family (no in-laws or other family members since the first time we've been married) with a great breakfast of carmel french toast and bacon. Good stuff. Then, we went to opening gifts, but before that I wanted to be sure to focus our family on the Christmas story. But, keeping a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old's attention can be pretty difficult ... especially with presents waiting to be torn in to ... so I brought in some props, and they just loved it!

It was really a lot of fun for me to get to tell my kids the story of Jesus' birth and WHY He came to earth. Ezra actually asked me to tell the story 3 more times!

It was also just a ton of fun to see our kids open their gifts! Here's one of EZ's favorites ... a fire truck.

This is Mercy's first Christmas and as Carol and I laid her down for bed tonight we just thanked God for allowing us to spend Christmas with her. Here she is opening her first gift.

At lunch we took time to celebrate Jesus' birthday with a cake. Ezra chose the cake yesterday ... a carrot cake. Nothing says "Happy Birthday, Jesus" like carrot cake. :)

I hope it's been a great day for you today celebrating Christmas and remember how much God loves you. There is no greater message than the "Good News that will bring Great Joy to ALL people" (Luke 2:10) ... the message of Jesus! Merry Christmas!

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