Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

- Great weekend. Got to go out on a date with my wife which was a lot of fun. Our "dates" have sorta of morphed this time of year to Christmas shopping without the kids, but honestly, it's so much fun to do that! Dinner, shopping, Starbucks ... overall great night and loved just being with her.

- Really good services at church yesterday. We wrapped up the We Are series on the family with We Are Determined. Jim did a great job communicating his passion for the family. If you know Jim ... his message was, as we often say in the office, "classic" Jim. It was full of passion and challenges and I loved the way we wrapped things up by having families sign a huge scroll signifying that they were going to stay together and be determined to live out their lives for Jesus. It was really a cool thing to see all of the dads and moms, husbands and wives, single people and even kids lined up to sign the scroll.

- Our worship pastors, Jeremiah and Jeremy ... they are awesome! I love how they lead and just the creative ways they do it. I love music and play a bit of guitar, but these guys are musicians and with incredible hearts to use their talents to bring people before God. Yesterday at church Jeremy did something really creative with the song Blessed Be Your Name. He used a track from U2's With or Without You combined with live music from Blessed Be Your Name. Then, he brought lyrics of With or Without You into Blessed Be Your Name ... and they fit perfectly! It was very worshipful and really had me reflecting on God in really cool ways. Is it OK to be jealous of their creativity? :)

- Another 3 point loss for my Steelers. Grrrrrrr!

- Carol made homemade waffles for breakfast this morning. Man, were they good!

- Hope to spend some time this week really praying through an axis plan for the first few months of 2010. We have what we call the "FAB 4" and it's our way to try to stay focused on what we feel are the most important things. I'm really feeling led to ... well ... refocus on that and hope that gives a good boost to our youth ministry. I feel like we've plateaued just a little over the past 2 months and don't see us moving forward. I want us to be moving forward and am really trying to think through some creative ways to make that happen.

- Still not cleared for running on my knee. Probably won't be cleared until the end of December. It's been over a month since I've done any kind of physical activity and I'm really feeling it. Hoping to do some stationary cycling to try to get back at it.

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