Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good Stuff I Learned from My Parents

I was in PA for a few days because my parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary last week. It was good to be back in the Keystone State and I was able to enjoy a beautiful snowfall that hit the east coast.

For their 50th anniversary, my parents decided to renew their vows and asked me to sort of "officiate" the whole thing. It was a neat thing to be a part of. Anyway, there's no marriage that is perfect and my parent's marriage would be included in that, but here are some good things I learned from my parents' marriage:

- Take the marriage covenant seriously. In 50 years they saw some really good times and some really difficult times, but they worked through it all and stayed the course. They truly looked at their marriage as a covenant before God and showed that such a thing is to be taken very seriously.

- A strong work ethic. My parents are both very hard workers. They demonstrated what it means to sacrifice for your family and to work hard to provide. There were times when my dad would be laid off from his factory job, but he didn't just sit around during those times. He went out to find other jobs and once was laid off for years and for years worked in a cemetary cutting grass to provide for his family. My mom took various jobs to help out as well and would do anything from office work to cleaning homes to help support the family.

- How to be generous. My parents have always been generous to others. They always tithed and always helped out other people. I was actually talking to a lady at my home church this weekend who has been having lots of health problems and she said, "Your mom has been such a help to me. I don't have any one else around and she takes me everywhere I need to go." They also wrapped their arms around a neighbor lady for several years who was by herself and they would do everything from take meals to her to help give her baths.

As I look back I think those are the three main things I've learned from my parent marriage and they've helped shape me today.

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