Friday, December 4, 2009

Axis Wrap Up 12-2-09

Topic: Backward$
Student Involvement: Kids were involved in the tech team, worship team, greeting team, taking pictures, the cafe, Scripture reading, and leading in prayer.
Fun Stuff: We did two "Lists" on this night. One was the Top 5 Signs You Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving. The other was a list of the Top 10 Axis Highlights of 2009. This list was pretty funny with some fun pictures of students and adults. It'll be posted soon.
Attendance: 151 with 8 first time visitors.
The Big Idea: The "Backward$" theme is an idea taken from Simply Youth Ministry on money. What I did is combine some of the thoughts taken from that curriculum with my own thoughts and stories and then taught on it. It'll be a two week series. This week I just tried to talk about the messages we receive about money compared to the messages the Bible gives on money. One cool thing that we did was simply discuss the idea of how much money students actually have on them at any given time. I made a list with estimated prices of different things a student may be wearing when they come to axis (i.e. pants, shoes, shirt, underwear (hopefully), jacket, etc.) I lowballed most of the prices and still came up with $210. So, at any given time, a student may be wearing $210 worth of stuff on them. We then talked about the fact that families in third world country barely have an annual income of $200. I simply tried to put things in perspective and then talked to our kids about different messages that the Bible gives us on money. The 3 main points were: 1) Do We Really Need All We Think We Need 2) Money Won't Buy Happiness 3) It's Better to Give Something Away Than to Get Something. The messages we often receive are that YES, we need more ... YES money/stuff can buy happiness ... YES, it's better to get than to give. Well, the Bible says the exacty opposite of each of those things and it was cool to discuss what the Bible has to say about it. I also enjoyed sharing personal stories of how God has come through for us in just incredible ways when we gave. I really tried to emphasize the idea of being a giver.
Next Week: Going to try to get super practical next week and simply talk about the basics of money managment ... what's a budget, how to use a credit card, etc. I'm looking to really teach kids the basics of money management in order for them to be free to be givers. Should be fun.

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