Thursday, December 17, 2009

ADVENTASTIC at Axis: 12-16-09

Topic: Characters of Christmas
Student Involvement: Worship Band, Tech Team, Cafe, Greeting, Pictures
Fun Stuff: We had our "Adventastic" Christmas Celebration last night so we tried to plan lots of fun stuff. We watched a fun SNL video of Will Ferrell singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Very, very funn. We also had a bunch of prize give-a-ways. We played a Christmas relay race where students had to wrap each other in Christmas wrap, drink a huge glass of eggnog and then eat Little Debbie Christmas Trees. We then played a game of Christmas Trivia and finally judged our contests of the Ugliest Christmas Sweater and the Best Christmas Costume. It's been a busy week for a majority of our students with studying for finals at school. I've heard many kids just talk of how tired they are. I really wanted tonight to be a breath of fresh air for our kids.
Attendance: 146 with 10 first time visitors
Worship Set: Joy to the World, Happy Day
The Big Idea: We started our teaching time showing a Christmas Upsidedown video which is really cool. Then, I spent some time simply talking about the various characters of Christmas (Mary and Joseph - responded to a life changing event in amazing ways ... probably could do that in the big stuff b/c they had done it in the little stuff their whole lives ... described them as good people really trying to follow God. Then the Shepherds - considered outcasts at the time ... not well liked ... could even go to the temple w/o going through a serious of things to "make them right" to go to church ... described them as the ones who would sit alone at lunch and people would make fun of them. Then the Wise Men - astrologers ... didn't even worship our God ... probably descended from the Chaldeans or Assyrians who, in Old Testament times, we enemies of God's people, the Israelites). I then tried to tie it in to how Jesus coming to earth is "Good News" for "ALL" people, no matter who you are ... good person, outcast, don't even worship God ... we ALL need a Savior. I set it up with a manger scene of "misfits" (see picture above) and explained how this is a picture of our youth ministry and ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE ... a combination of people who really are trying to live for God, people who may feel alone and just need a friend, and people who aren't really interested in God but are still coming. The message of Jesus is "Good News that will bring Great Joy to ALL PEOPLE." Luke 2:10 May we never forget that and never quit trying to reach EVERYONE.
At the end of the night we passed out a "Deeper Sheet" with a piece of Christmas candy attached to hopefully allow kids the opportunity to focus themselves on Jesus this Christmas.
Next Week: No theme, but just a fun time to be together before Christmas.

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