Tuesday, December 29, 2009

7 Years ... and 1 Day Ago

Carol and I celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday. I'm totally in love with her. Every day I am more thankful for her and just grow to love her more and more. I look back 7 years ago and realize how little I actually knew about being married then. I'm sure 7 years from now I'll probably say the same thing. I'm thankful that I've been able to share my successes and mistakes in marriage with Carol. She is always and has always been incredibly forgiving and graceful and loves me so much more than I deserve and believes in me so much more than I believe in myself. I'm still not sure what she saw in me ... besides the good looks and rock solid body ... lol ... but I'm glad that she chose me 7 years ago.

Below are 5 goals that we have set for our home and marriage. We try to set yearly goals, but these 5 things are foundational in our home. We keep them framed in our house in order to keep each other accountable and for others to see them and keep us accountable also.

Commitments for Our Marriage and Home

With God’s Help …

1. Our marriage will be centered around Jesus Christ and will provide a sense of safety and security for our family. We will ALWAYS remain faithful and stay together. Genesis 2:21 – 25, Hebrews 13:4

2. Rich will love Carol as Jesus loves the Church, modeling Biblical submission and servant leadership. Ephesians 5:25, Matthew 20:24 – 28, 1 Peter 3:7, Ephesians 5:33

3. Carol will honor Rich’s leadership in the home and treat him with love and respect. Ephesians 5:22, Titus 2:4 – 5, Ephesians 5:33

4. Our home will be a place of peace and safety, demonstrating the Fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22 – 23

5. Our home will be a place of hospitality, warmly welcoming those who come in. 1 Timothy 3:1 – 2, Titus 1:6 – 8

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