Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday Axis Wrap Up

Topic: Untouchables
Student Involvement: Greeting, pictures, media, sound, worship band, cafe, cleaning up
Fun Stuff: Thumb Wars and a Power Point game called World Wide Sex
Attendance: 166 with 2 first time visitors
Worship Set: Happy Day, Sing Sing Sing
The Big Idea: Tonight our Untouchables topic was sex. We did something that I have never done before on a Wednesday night and we taught completely from video. The reason for that is because a few weeks ago our lead pastor did a message on sex and a majority of our kids were not there on the Sunday morning he spoke because we had a retreat. Also, we have a large percentage of kids who come to axis on Wednesdays but do not come to Grace Community on Sundays. So, it was new for a majority of the kids there. Overall, it went well. Jim totally nailed the topic when he spoke on it and I think we could have showed it in black and white on a 13 inch TV and kids would have still been in to it simply because of the subjec matter. The main thought was to stay pure and take your sexuality seriously. Guard it and save yourself. It was good stuff. At the end of the night we passed out a brief "Q & A on Sex" sheet where I just tried to follow up some of Jim's main points so kids could take it home with them.

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