Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Random

- The past two days have just been great! After our services on Sunday I was able to go home and relax a bit and do some yard work and also just spend time with my family. After an extremely busy week of Judgment House, it was nice to chill a bit. Spent time Sunday and Monday raking our yard ... a total of over 6 hours of work! It was nice to be able to do it, though, and just be outside and enjoy some great fall weather. This was Ezra's first year of really getting to enjoy the leaves. He had so much fun just jumping in to the piles. It was hilarious to watch! I'm pretty convinced we have the most leaves of anyone on our block. Too bad it's not a competition. :)

- Some final Judgment House numbers: 931 people walked through. 96 people accepted Jesus as the Leader and Forgiver of their life! 114 people made some type of recommitment in their life! It was really just an awesome week and I just love seeing God do His thing through this. Now it's time for follow-up.

- I've heard two stories recently of friends who've been in public places and they've had complete strangers go up to their young children and totally yell at them. And, I'm not talking a simple "Oh, don't do that." I'm talking curse words, rudeness ... the whole sha-bang! There's not much that would make me lose my cool, but one would be a complete stranger cursing at my 2 year old son. It's one thing for a 2 year old to act like a 2 year old. It's another thing for an adult to act like a 2 year old! Seriously people! Fortunately my friends handled the situations a whole lot better than I would have.

- We've had 2 pretty cool teams be sent out from our church recently. One team just got back from China. They were smuggling Bibles there. Another team is loving on some orphans at Asia's Hope in Cambodia and Thailand right now. Can't wait to hear from both teams.

- After nearly 7 years of marriage, my wife informed me recently that we have a coffee bean grinder. I never knew that! Mornings have just become a whole lot more fun! :)

- Big, big game for my Steelers this Monday night. They play the Broncos. Should be a great game to watch.

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