Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spiritual Conversations

My wife and I were at Dunkin Donuts last week and we were able to start a really good conversation with a hispanic man that was sitting next to us. Our kids were with us so he was talking about our kids and we were asking him questions about his and it turned in to a nice conversation. When the man left, though, my wife asked me a really good question that led to a good conversation for the two of us: "How do you turn a good conversation like that in to a spiritual conversation?"

Have to admit first that I miss many opportunities to do that. I try and I'm not afraid of talking spiritually with people, but for whatever reason I sometimes miss opportunities that have been placed before me whether it's because of my selfishness or my laziness or my busyness ... I could go on. So, I write that simply to say I'm not perfect at this by any means. But, here are some things I've tried to do that help turn conversations to God:

1. Simply bring up the name of God in a conversation. There have been times when I've had one of my kids with me and someone has started talking to me simply because we have cute kids and I've said something like, "Yeah, having kids has really helped me understand how much God loves us." Something as simple as that can bring God in to a conversation. Sometimes it leads somewhere and other times I get blown off. This happened just last week at Wal-Mart. I brought up God in a conversation with a worker and she was like (insert her sarcasm) ... "Oookaaayy." And, she basically ended our conversation right there.

2. Ask someone if I can pray for them. Whether we are out to eat or at Wal-Mart or simply have met someone randomly, I often will ask someone before I leave if there is any way I can pray for them. Again, sometimes this leads somewhere and other times it doesn't, but more times than not it has led to really good conversations with people.

3. Just come right out and say it. This is probably not my greatest strength by any means. I'm much better at trying to enter "through a side door" if that makes sense, but there are definately times when I've just come right out and asked someone about God.

4. Share my story and what God has done in my life. I am so thankful and grateful for the change that God has brought to my life. Talking about it is just natural because of the great joy He has given me. I just like talking about it.

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