Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Things I Love About Kids

Here are just a few things I've grown to love about kids since becoming a dad. Nothing profound or earth shattering, just a few observations I've made:

1) They laugh at the obvious. Sometimes we grow numb to the obvious because, well, it's obvious. But, to kids it's all new and sometimes the obvious is just really funny!

2) They run everywhere! I wish I just ran to my room for no reason at all. The only thing that would get me to run to my room ... well, never mind.

3) They can entertain themselves in the most creative ways. Food, a box, a stick ... doesn't matter what it is. They always seem to come up with something fun to do with it.

4) They don't hold back their excitement. If they are excited about something, the just let it all out! Jump up and down, laugh, scream, run around in circles ... they fortunately haven't learned to let what others may think hold them back.

5)Sometimes a cuddle is all you need.

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