Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

- Once again, another busy weekend, but filled with lots of good stuff. Had one of those "youth ministry" dates with my wife on Saturday. There was a musical at one of the local high school's so Carol and I were able to go to it and see many of our axis kids in action. They did an AWESOME job and it was just so cool to be in their environment seeing them in action. Before the play, Carol and I were able to go out to dinner and then grab a quick drink thanks to a "buy one get one free" card we had.

- Il Forno in downtown Goshen has some of the absolute best pizza around.

- Good services yesterday. We started our We Are series on the family and started it out with some sweet 70's jams ... We Are Family by the Pointer Sisters. Side note: Never thought I'd type the sentence "sweet 70's jams." Our band also did "We Need Each OtherAnyway, good start to the series and you can find out more about the series and our series essay contest here.

- Our student leaders just nailed it yesterday. We met during the first service and our meeting was awesome. They had such good thoughts and ideas to share and really were excited about the next time they'll lead axis on 11/25. Can't wait to see them in action. They also did an incredible job connecting with people yesterday and helping out at Getting to Know Grace, an event we have to people who are new to Grace Community. Good job ASL!

- Our little daughter Mercy is the most adorable girl in the world! But, man, she can dirty a diaper! Had quite a few "big ones" over the weekend.

- Have surgery on my knee scheduled for Wednesday. I'm hoping that this takes care of the issues I've been having with my IT Band since May. It's definately a last resort type of deal and I would rather not have surgery, but it's to a point now where there's not much else I can do besides this. It's constantly aching, not just when I try to exercise, and even the low impact exercises I do cause it to hurt. Hopefully a "simple" procedure that will help me get back to "normal."

- Still bummed over the Steelers' loss yesterday. This is not your father's Bengals, that's for sure. They looked good and beat the Steelers at a "Steeler type of game" ... defense and low scoring.

- Walked in to my office yesterday and found a Steelers Fat Head on my desk. Thanks Lee Seese!

- We are going to be having family come out over Thanksgiving. This is our first year hosting Thanksgiving. We hosted Christmas last year and now Thanksgiving. It will be nice to have family join us over the holiday, and, gotta be honest ... really looking forward to some turkey! There's something about a leftover turkey sandwich ... man, good stuff.

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