Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knee Surgery

I had my knee surgery yesterday afternoon. A bit sore today with a huge bandage around my leg, but thankfully making it through. I had a part of my IT Band cut out and also had some scar tissure removed from my knee. Hopefully this will take care of the problems I've been having since May.

Something funny: The time before I am put to sleep and the time after I wake up ... really, really fun! When the doctor said, "OK, you'll be going to sleep in about 10 seconds," the feeling that came over my body in those 10 seconds ... just total relaxation. And, then, when I woke up in the recovery room, I was so out of it and just kept on asking the nurse how long everything took. Then Carol came in and was making fun of me and I was just laughing for no reason at all. Was feeling pretty mellow. :)

Anyway, I'm taking it easy and trying to relax today. It's been a fun day with the family.

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