Saturday, November 28, 2009

Axis Wrap Up 11-25-09 ... Pink & Blue All Over the Place

Topic: Guy Stuff/Girl Stuff
Student Involvement: Everything
Fun Stuff: Had a two fun games. One where we asked girls questions about "guy stuff" and we asked guys questions about "girl stuff." And, another where we had a girl had to put "guy stuff" on another girl while blindfolded and a guy had to put "girl stuff" on another guy while blindfolded. We passed out fun prizes like Axis body soap for the guys and small bottles of nail polish for the girls. We also passed out tiaras for the girls and toy cowboy guns and holsters for the guys.
Attendance: 104
The Big Idea: This was another night in which our student leaders led the entire night. They planned everything and basically led everything as well. We divided the room in to a girls' side and a guys' side and had pink and blue streemers and balloons on the respective sides. We then had the girls sit on their side and the guys sit on their side. We then had a panel of our students answer questions on guy stuff and girl stuff ... anywhere from "What do you look for in a guy?" to "How do you feel if a girl makes the first move?" Our students did a good job answering the questions.
From a production standpoint the night wasn't our best night. Things weren't flowing very well. We were having mic problems the ENTIRE night, and ... not sure if it was because it was the day before Thanksgiving or what, but the energy in the room felt pretty low. But, what's cool is that it didn't seem to bother anyone ... well ... except for me and those are my own issues. The rest of the students still seemed to respond very well because it was their peers who were leading the night and there were actually some really good questions that were asked from the crowd.
Again, I was very proud of our student leaders. They pulled the whole night off and did a great job bringing it all together. They have really been stepping up and I think I'm going to be asking even more of them in the coming months.
Next Week: Money

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