Friday, November 13, 2009

Axis Wrap Up 11-11-09

Topic: Dating
Student Involvement: Pictures, Tech, Greeting, Cafe
Fun Stuff: Impossible Shot in the Gym (I think I need to make it a little more "Impossible." We had 4 winners on Wednesday! We also did a fun dating video and a little dating "quiz" to kick the night off.
Attendance: 191 with 9 first time visitors
Worship Set: All Because of Jesus, Falls Apart, How He Loves Us (Jeremy led tonight by himself with an acoustic guitar and totally nailed it! Man, I remember my days of leading with an acoustic guitar by myself and don't think the words "Nailed It" were ever used to describe what I did. Probably explains why I'm a youth pastor and NOT a worship pastor. :) I'm just incredibly grateful for Jeremy and the rest of the kids in our band. He does a great job leading them and developing them).
The Big Idea: I love talking about stuff like this because ... well ... it always seems to keep our kids' attention and I really just want to try to share wisdom that I've learned from my own experiences and also watching "teen dating" for 15 years now. Anyway, the main thought I tried to get across tonight was taking dating seriously. Don't date just because you can. 4 quick points: 1) Set Values for Yourself 2) Be patient (I seriously think most teen couples move faster than a NASCAR pit crew in their relationships). Slow down and be patient. 3) Don't date until you feel you're at a place where you can be unselfish with your time. Dating and selfishness don't go together very well. 4) Don't use another person to "complete" you. That's God's role.
It seemed like a good night. Lots of humor combined with some personal stories and just flat out heart to heart stuff on dating.
Favorite Part: My favorite part of the night was when our entire high school ministry surrounded one of our girls (Allison). I've shared about Allison a few times before, but she was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier in the year. This Monday she'll be leaving for Blommington to receive radiation treatments for her tumor and will be gone until the end of December. We took time to hear from Allison and then we let her know that we'll be trying to help out a little bit by buying some bracelets with Philippians 4:6 - 7 written on them and all the proceeds will go to help the family with travel costs (A great idea from one of our students) and then we annointed Allison with oil and surrounded her and prayed for her. It was incredibly cool for a few different reasons: 1) Over 130 kids were surrounding Allison and praying for her. 2) I think it was a huge encouragement for Allison. I remember when I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, our kids surrounded me and prayed for me and it was such a special moment. I'm so glad Allison was able to experience that. 3) It really showed a strong sense of unity in our ministry ... we're all in this together. And 4) Many of our kids are unchurched and have not clue was "annointing with oil" is and what it's about. It was a cool teaching moment in our ministry and a good thing for our kids to see.
Next Week: Steve Fee in Concert!

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