Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Whole Neighborhood Just Got Saved

We had our first night of Judgment House last night. Man, what a night! It was so cool to see how God brings everything together and uses EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved ... greeters, parkers, actors, registration people, tour guides, prayer guides, counselors, builders, food makers ... everyone. It's really a picture of people using their specific gifts and passions to make an incredible difference. Love it!

We had some really cool things happen last night, but one quick story I wanted to share. A group from inner-city Elkhart walked through the drama. The last stop of Judgment House is an opportunity for people to hear why we do this and to respond to the Gospel. Anyway, Pastor Jim was sharing last night with this group and he was talking about going to heaven and one of the kids just shouted out, "Well, how do you do it?" Jim began to tell them and then the ENTIRE group of kids prayed OUTLOUD to ask Jesus to be the Leader and Forgiver of their life! Anyway, as the kids were leaving to talk with some of our counselors, the leader of the group was just sitting in the room and as all of the kids left she said, "The whole neighborhood just got saved!" There were some amazing moments last night, but that one in particular stands out.

Total numbers from night # 1:
- 225 people walked through
- 35 people made decisions for Jesus
- 20 people made some other type of decision in their life
- 10 people wanted us to pray for specific things in their life
- Nearly 30% of the people that walked through Judgment House made some type of decision ... if my math is correct. I'm always concerned when I throw percentages out there b/c I always stunk at math. :)

Tonight looks to be another very full night and I'm really excited to see what God will do.

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