Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday Night axis Wrap Up

Topic: Untouchables
Student Involvement: We had kids greeting, running the tech cage, taking pictures, playing on the worship team, passing out Bibles, and helping with decision cards.
Fun Stuff: Dodgeball and two funny videos to introduce the topic.
Attendance: 153 with 12 first time visitors
Worship Set: Marvelous Light, Let God Arise, I Am Free
The Big Idea: We continued with our Untouchables series and on this night we talked about hell. To be perfectly honest, it was a touch preparation week for me. I really don't like talking about hell. Since I believe the Bible to be 100% true, that means hell is a reality and people that I have known who have passed away are there now. That sickens me. My prayer on Wednesday night was that no guy or girl that was in that room with us would end up in hell. I feel such a responsibility to our teenagers to point them to Jesus and on this night I really felt that responsibility in a heavy way.
Physically, it was a strange night for me. I felt weak, for some reason my back and shoulders were cramping, I was losing my voice, and I was also running a fever. Physically and emotionally I was pretty whipped that night.
Basically I tried to talk briefly about how the Bible describes hell and then I tried as best as I could to answer questions that I often hear regarding hell ... Why would God send someone to hell? Wouldn't it be better to be there with my friends? Are there degrees of punishment in hell? Who goes to hell? In answering those questions I really tried to wrap it up with the main thought that it's not really what we do that sends someone to hell. It's more what we don't do. If we do not turn to Jesus, confess Him as Lord, and ask Him to be the Leader and Forgiver of our lives ... that rejection of Jesus is what sends someone to hell.
I had really debated on this throughout the day and really didn't make a decision until I was in the "moment" and really tried to listen to the Holy Spirit, but I gave an invitation for kids to accept Jesus at the end of the night. The reason I debated on it was that I don't like "scaring" people in to heaven, if you know what I mean. But, the reality is, hell is, to say the least, scary. I don't want any of our kids to end up there, so I gave an invitation afterwards. Between middle and high school axis, we had 12 kids make decisions for Jesus! It was so amazing to see God move and during that time I really felt the presence of God working in the hearts of our kids.
Next week, we have the night off from axis because of Judgment House. We kick it off the following week with a message on ... shhhhhh .... sex. :)

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  1. Ironic that a pastor who doesn't like the idea of scaring people into salvation works for a church that repackages the classic "fire and brimstone" bully tactics in the form of Halloween-time entertainment. A mixed message for the kids, to say the least.


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