Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday Night axis Wrap Up

Topic: Someone in Your Corner
Student Involvement: We had students plugged in to every area of the night: media, sound, cafe, greeting, worship, drama, announcements, testimonies, prayer, and teaching.
Fun Stuff: We had some students do a fun bit called "Talk It Out" (Thanks Mark & Dave). Really it was just a "get to know me" sorta game, but our guys made it pretty fun by setting up a little talk show stage and then having fun questions. We also did a Poll Everywhere in which students could vote on what they wanted to see happen to one student (who we picked out a head of time and asked if he wouldn't mind being pelted by dodgeballs).
The Big Idea: It was a really cool night in which our student leaders planned the entire evening. Students led in every area and they did an absolutely amazing job! I was so proud of them and I really believe everyone got a lot out of the evening. We heard from one of our teenage girls who was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier in the year. She shared about where she is at with things and what God has been teaching her through the whole process. I'm really just blown away by Allison and how she has responded to the entire situation. We also had one of our students teach. He did a great job talking about what it means to have God in your corner and that he really couldn't imagine life without God. He talked about how God has been there for him in several situations of his life including a chronic illness, asthma, and also the pressures of being a pastor's kid. I was so proud of Josh because he is really a great kid ... smart, athletic, good looking ... but he hates speaking in public. So, this was a real stretch for him and he really nailed it. We also had students do a drama at the end of our night. Josh gave kids an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and we had several kids make first time decisions or make some other type of commitment in their life. Woo Hoo!
Next week we start our "Untouchables" series and we'll be looking at The Occult, Homosexuality, and Hell.

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