Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday Axis Wrap Up

Topic: Untouchables
Student Involvement: Kids led worship, took pictures, worked in the "tech cage," gave testimonies, greeted, and worked our cafe.
Fun Stuff: Did a really fun game in our gym called "Knight, Mount, Carry" and we also did a fun game in the Link where we had kids stuff their mouth with a tasty donut and then say a couple different books of the Bible. We then had to try to figure out what book of the Bible they said. Good game.
Attendance: 153 with 9 first time visitors
Worship Set: You Are the Light, God of This City
The Big Idea: We started our Untouchables series on this night and kicked it off talking about the occult. We had a guest speaker come in ... someone who actually came out of the occult and is now a believer. Her story is very powerful and it was good to hear her share. She's written a small book on her experience and asked for kids to be willing to read it and critique it for her. I wasn't sure how many kids would actually volunteer for this, but there were at least 20 kids between middle and high school that did ... more than I was expecting. There was good question/answer time after she spoke and many kids went up to her afterwards and were talking with her.
A couple of things I took away from the night:
- Something I noticed during our middle school time was that students were getting "stuck" on the "dark" side of her experiences. Teresa spoke a lot about her "spirit guide" when she was involved in the occult and our kids really got focused on that. After we were finished, I really tried to wrap it up by focusing on what Jesus has done in Teresa's life now and how she has been dramatically changed! Instead of focusing on her past, I wanted to re-focus the kids on who she is now and all that Jesus has done in her life.
- Another thing I noticed was that it was just a wierd night. Many of our volunteers didn't show up for one reason or another and some of our tech people didn't show either which really left us scrambling to figure some stuff out. There was just a wierd "feel" in the place for a while, which, honestly doesn't surprise me with the topic we were on for the night. I really spent time during the day and also during axis praying for the Holy Spirit's covering over our time and asking God not to let the enemy distract us from the truth that God wanted to teach us.
Next week we'll be talking about hell.

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