Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Daily Prayers

Here are a few things I try to pray for myself every day:

1. I pray God's armor upon my life.
2. I pray to believe truth and not fall for the enemy's lies.
3. I pray to be a great husband, a great dad, and a great pastor.
4. I pray that I walk with the Spirit and try to keep in step with Him.
5. I pray that I would have opportunities to be Jesus to people and to share Jesus with people.

These are things that I know I really can't do on my own and I need God's help to live them out. Even with my prayers, I still fail at these things, which makes me incredibly grateful for the grace of God. But, as I pray, I find that, with God's help, when I pray His armor upon my life and when I pray to know truth, it helps keep me spiritually aware of what the enemy may try to do to trip me up or distract me throughout the day. When I pray to be a great husband, dad, and pastor ... with God's help, I believe He allows me to keep my priorities in line and to realize that I don't want to be "average" at any of those things ... I don't even want to be "good" at those things. I want to be great ... the best that I could possibly be. When I pray to keep in step with the Spirit, I just really want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading in my life and to notice the opportunities He'll place before me every day. Finally, I pray to be Jesus and share Jesus with people. I don't want to neglect my mission on earth ... to point people to Jesus Christ.

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