Monday, October 12, 2009

A Random Monday

- October is proving to be a very busy month. Got back Sunday afternoon from our high school retreat (Together 09) put on by CE National. We had 24 kids from our youth ministry go and there were approximately 130 kids total there. There were lots of different events and activities planned for all of the kids there, but to be honest, the best part for me was simply being with our kids. I loved hanging out with them and talking with them and playing games with them. For me, that was the high light of the weekend. The axis band led worship at the event. They were AWESOME! Jeremy did a really good job of bringing us before God and it was so cool to see our kids on stage leading with him. The Momentum Conference has the Fee Band to lead worship. Together 09 had the "Free Band" to lead worship. That was our joke with Jeremy and the kids. Anyway, great to be there over the weekend.
- Got back from the retreat and headed straight to Judgment House practice. Hard to believe we are 2 weeks away from seeing Judgment House happen for the 4th year here. Over the past 3 years God has used Judgment House here to bring nearly 300 people to Jesus Christ and we have seen over 280 people make some type of decision in their life to try to walk more closely with Jesus. With 2 weeks to go, each day becomes a combination of "freaking out" and "let's get it done." :)
- LOVE the new Fee cd Hope Rising.
- Intentionally haven't worked out for the past 3 weeks. Getting a little anxious and feeling a bit "flabby" but really wanted to rest my body, in particular, my knee. Hoping to get back at it in November ... maybe I should say hoping to find the motivation to get back at it in November. It's been kinda nice not getting up early to work out. :)
- Happy to see my Steelers win over the weekend, but thinking they should have totally crushed the Lions and not simply won by 8 points. Side Note: Was offered tickets to this past Sunday's Steelers' game, but couldn't go because of the senior high retreat. There aren't many times that I wish I didn't have to "work" on a Sunday, but when I'm offered Steelers' tickets is one of them. :)
- Took Mercy to the Doctor's Office today for her 9 month check up and for her shots. :( Hate seeing my kids get shots. Anyway, while I was there, Ezra brought a book to me: "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Doctor Suess. I had never read that book before. I started reading it to Ezra and about 1/4 of the way through the book I started tearing up. I just started thinking about him and Mercy and the adventures and hardships and trials and joys that they'll experience in their life (which is what the book is about only in Doctor Suess language) ... and I couldn't believe I was crying there in the middle of the doctor's office while I'm reading a Doctor Suess book! But, my "manhood" came out and I simply pretended like I had something in my eye. :)

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