Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting Experience I Want to Learn From

I was outside in our back yard late yesterday afternoon getting some firewood and I heard a young girl yelling a name. She kept on yelling it and then I watched her as she walked past our front yard in the rain yelling this name. Anyway, we have quite a few pets in our neighborhood so I just assumed she was looking for a lost pet. I go in to the house with the firewood not really thinking anything of it.

While I'm in the house, I see this girl walk by again still yelling the same name ... but something just didn't seem "right." I watched her as she continued to walk by our house and down another street. I felt uneasy ... like something wasn't quite right about the whole situation, but talked myself out of going outside to see what was going on. I told myself, though, if I see her again, I'm going out to talk with her.

Just a few minutes later, she comes walking by our house with another lady. By this time the young woman was soaking wet from the rain and when I got out there I noticed that she didn't even have shoes on. Anyway, I grabbed a towel to give to her and ran out to see if I could help. Come to find out she was a mentally handicapped girl who was on a trip with her group home. For some reason she got scared while she was on the trip and ran away from her group without anyone knowing about it. She had been wandering the streets in the rain and the cold for over an hour yelling out the name of her sister trying to find her home.

The police were called and this young lady was returned to her group home, who had reported her missing, by the way. A good ending.

Anway, I reflected on it a bit and think I learned a few things:

- I hesitated. Why? I let my assumptions get in the way of someone that needed my help.
- I didn't listen to my "gut." Yes, sometimes my "gut" has gotten me in to trouble, but, to be honest, my gut assumptions have been right more times than not. Again, I let my assumptions get in the way of something I felt like I was supposed to do. I hate when that happens.
- When I acted, I was able to help. I wouldn't have been able to help at all if I didn't take that first step out of our house and see if there was something I could do to help. I don't want to miss those opportunities, but know I often do.

Anyway, just a few things I learned from a strange sitation last night. Hopefully I can take this and learn from it in order to better help people in the future.

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