Friday, October 2, 2009

How We Plan our Outreaches

One of the things I LOVE about our church is that we really try to get out in to our community and do our best to share the love of Jesus. One of the things that is said often around here is that, if our church ever moved ... would we be missed? So, it's just part of our DNA to get out and love on people and share Jesus with people. Loving God can be shown by how we love others.
Anyway, above are a few of the logos from outreach events that we've done in the past. Below is just a brief explanation of how we try to think through ways to reach our community:
1. Pray. We are always asking God to give us fresh ideas on how to effectively reach people.
2. Notice the needs. We try our best to be in touch with our community and look for what needs really need to be met.
3. Is it being done already? That's a question we often ask. Sometimes we'll notice needs, but find out that something is already in place to try to meet those needs. If so, that's awesome! We'll often try to support the things already being done. If not, we move to the next step.
4. Be creative. If a need is not being met, we try to then think of creative ways to meet those needs as a church. We come up with a creative plan.
5. Get others on board. We cast vision. We let our people know about the positive effect this outreach will have on our community, and then we challenge them to get on board.
6. Help our people serve. One of the most fulfilling things for us is to see the Church be the Church. We love seeing our people step up and do the good works God has planned in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).
7. Celebrate. After the outreach, we celebrate. We'll celebrate with testimonies, pictures, worship. We come back "filled with joy" and we love to talk about it and here others do the same.
8. Repeat. We repeat the process. Sometimes we'll repeat our outreaches in following years if they are still being effective and other times we'll scrap them all together because they've lost their effectiveness. We always want to be fresh and relevant and constantly are asking God to help us to be that.

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