Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday Night axis Wrap Up

Topic: How to Be Your Best
Student Involvement: Our kids led worship, worked the cafe, worked the tech cage, greeted, took pictures, read Scripture, and shared testimonies.
Fun Stuff: Blind folded musical chairs and a little "Get to Know Rich" game where I shared random but, hopefully fun facts, about myself.
Bible Verses: 1 Timothy 4:12
Worship Set: Glorious One, Glory to God, and one more I'm forgetting at the moment. I hate when I do that.
Attendance: 204
The "Big" Idea: Make Those Around You Better
Review: We started out the night with a clip from Facing the Giants where one of the star players is very negative about the upcoming game. He then is asked by the coach to do the "death crawl" blindfolded and goes so much further than he ever though he could go. It set up the stage very well for the night because one person can bring an entire group down or one person can build an entire group up. I asked our kids which one they wanted to be because, being your best means you'll make those around you better. I then used the now infamous clip of Kanye dissing Taylor Swift at the VMA's. When that happened, I knew I needed to use it somehow because if we used it next week, it would have lost it's impact. So, I actually switched the order of our series and moved "Make Those Around You Better" to this week. We talked about how Kanye could have make an incredible impact on Taylor Swift and also his circle of friends if he would have raise the standard and actually praised Taylor after the VMA's instead of doing what he did. Now, he's been apologizing for the past few days. I challenged our kids not to have to apologize for how they live, but to live in such a way that people will follow their example (1 Timothy 4:12). We then showed the clip of Beyonce giving Taylor Swift her "moment" at the VMA's. I shared how that encouraged me to want to do something kind for someone. It only takes one person going further than they think they can go, doing more than they think they can do, giving more than they think they can give to raise the standard for an entire group. I challenged our kids to be that person.
We also had one of our girls share a testimony about something really cool that happened in her family.
Overall, it was a good night and I've really enjoyed this series and think our kids have too. Next week we wrap it up with "Weed and Feed."

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