Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

Wow! What a weekend! Where to begin ...

- Very special services on Sunday at Grace. The above picture is of people who just came forward and made things "right" with God. Maybe priorities were out of line. Maybe there was sin in their lives. Maybe there were relationships that needed to be worked on. Maybe they just needed to re-ignite their passion ... their hunger for Him. God moved Sunday. His presence was very real and our people's hearts were very broken. It will sound strange to say it like this, but there was nothing real special about the service except a call to be hungry for God. In all aspects, it was a pretty simple service with a POWERFUL call to thirst and hunger for God. We opened with a very simple video below and then just asked people to start doing business with God.

- After the service on Sunday and a meeting that I had for Judgment House, all of the pastors were invited to spend time at a local lake. I'm not a water person. Some people are like fish in the water. I'm more like a sponge ... I soak up the water, move slowly because I'm weighed down, and then regurgitate it out after I've been thrown off the tube a number of times. Definately don't feel comfortable in the water, but still had a really good time. We spent most of our time on a tube called the UFO ... a large circular tube that is made for FOUR people that, once going, you can get to spin at astronaut G-Force speeds. We, of course, tried to get SIX people on the tube ... which we did ... but we spent most of the time being thrown off the tube instead of getting it to spin. Funny as we were reading the warnings displayed on the tube ... we were breaking every one of the rules! Good fun, though.

- I have lived in Indiana for 9 years now and I can honestly say that I do not remember the mosquitoes EVER being worse! I have been eaten alive the past 2 weeks every time I go outside. And, poor Ezra! The mosquitoes have gotten more blood from him than a vampire at a blood bank! The kid is just COVERED in mosquitoe bites.

- Big, big cross country meet tonight at Fairfield. We are taking on West Noble, ranked number 10 in the state and a huge rival. Should be a lot of fun.

- Had Monday off for Labor Day, but Carol had to work. So, I got to stay home with the kids. What a blast! I just love being a dad. My kids make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me want to be a better man. They can bring out the best ... and unfortunately, sometimes the worst in me. But, just a little over 2 years ago, life as I knew it was completey changed and I can't imagine ever going back.

- I love my wife to death! I'm continually amazed by her and all that she does. Even this morning she picked up on something with Ezra and I'm like "Wow, I never would have thought of that!" She's an amazing woman!

- We have some exciting stuff coming up with axis. We have a Middle School Retreat coming up in October. We'll be at Camp Manowe in Sturgis, MI. The camp is AWESOME and they have a killer ropes course ... well, maybe "killer" wasn't the best phrase to use, but I think you know what I mean. Our middle school kids are going to love it!

- We also have a high school retreat coming up in October called Together 09, something that CE National is sponsoring. It's a follow up to the Momentum Conference that we went to in July. Should be a great weekend for our high schoolers.

- We also have Judgment House coming up at the end of October. Practice starts this Sunday and I'm really excited to see how God uses it this year.

- OK, just lost my breath a little bit. Looked at all of the things happening for me in October and had a minor loss of all bodily functions. I'm OK now.

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