Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Be Your Best

I am so PUMPED about sharing tonight at axis. I can't wait to talk to our kids about how they can be their best. I work with teenagers, but I also work with adults. I often hear adults talking about teenagers ... "They're lazy. They don't work hard. They want everything given to them." That's the reputation (rightly or wrongly) that teenagers have. My goal: To see the kids of axis BLOW THAT REPUTATION UP! There's a verse in Proverbs 13:4 that says, "Lazy people WANT much but GET little, but those who WORK HARD will PROSPER." Greatness, being our best has to be a life mission and I want that mission to start in the lives of our kids tonight. I want them to understand that, to be their best, it's not going to come easy. They'll have to work for it. Our natural tendency is to be comfortable. But, to be your best you'll have to be uncomfortable ... to do more than what's expected of you. Don't just do enough to get by, but do more than what's expected.

That'll be the focus tonight. I SO want to see our kids "prosper" and I so want to see them NOT be afraid to work hard for it ... to chase it down ... to pursue it ... to make being their best a life mission.

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