Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Never Know

Blogged a couple of weeks ago about a day in the life of a pastor. Today was definately one of "those" days where you just never know what to expect.

Got in to the office and had a plan for the day. Early in the morning I received a call from a family saying that their one month old daughter's heart had stopped beating. She was at the hospital in South Bend and was in stable condition. I prayed with the family over the phone and called our campus pastor in South Bend and asked him to make a visit. Later that afternoon, we get a call from a friend of the family who said the baby had died. So, after hearing the news, I dropped all of my plans for the day and went to South Bend to spend some time with the family. Believe me, the trip there was not fun. I have never been in this type of situation before and really had no idea what to say. I prayed a lot on the way and when I got to the hospital. I get there, and the parents are not in the room, but family and friends are. About 40 minutes later, the parents come in saying the baby is ALIVE! Don't know all the details, but I guess the baby was on life support, but doctors believed there was no brain function ... meaning the baby was "technically" dead. I guess they decided to do some type of scan later and when they did the scan they discovered that there was brain function and blood flow to the brain! Amazing news! So, there is HOPE! If you could have been in the room when that news was shared! Absolutely incredible.

If you think of it, please take a second to pray for this little baby and this family.

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