Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Had a really cool night talking about music at axis on Wednesday. Music was a "hot topic" when I was in high school and is just as "hot" today with our kids. The last thing I wanted to do was to tell our kids what they should or should not listen too. I wanted to do my best at giving them tools that would help them decide for themselves what is healthy and unhealthy for them to be listening too. I talked about our minds being like our bodies. If we want a healthy body, we have to care about what we put in to it. Twinkies and Taco Bell all the time is not going to give us a healthy body. Are Twinkies and Taco Bell wrong? No. But, a steady diet of that is going to have the fire department knocking down the walls of our house to get us out. If we want a healthy body, we'll put healthy things in to it.
It's the same with our mind. If we are giving our mind a steady diet of unhealthy things, that will eventually play out in our lives. If we are giving our mind a steady diet of healthy things, that too will eventually play out in our lives. So, we talked about the 3D's ... DISCOVER, DISCERN, and DECIDE (Thanks Walt Mueller @ and Mark Artrip for bringing it to my attention @ Momentum). First, Discover what the theme/message of the song is. What is it telling us about life, right, wrong, God, men, women, etc? Then, Discern what the message of the song is telling us compared with what the Bible tells us about life, right, wrong, God, men, women, etc. Finally, Decide what you'll allow in your mind and what you won't allow in your mind.
We then took time to listen to two of the more popular songs on the radio today and applied the 3D's to the songs. I also provided a list of the top 5 songs played on the radio last week. The list had the lyrics to the songs and also an opportunity to apply the 3D's.
A few really cool things at the end of the night:
- A few kids came up to me and said they want to be baptized. One of them was a girl who got saved at axis last week!
- Got a text from a girl after axis, the jist of which said, "I'll be at axis every Wednesday from now on." Very cool!
Next week we'll be starting a 4 week series on How to be Our Best. Should be fun.

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