Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday Axis Wrap Up

We had our Fall Kickoff at axis Wednesday night. Here are a few things that kids said on their Facebook accounts after the night was over:

“Tonight was amazing.”
“Tonight helped sooo very much.”
“Amazing night tonight. God showed up in that room.”
“Tonight was awesome.”
“I made a decision tonight. I am a Jesus freak and proud of it.”

I knew God was up to something when the enemy was trying to throw a ton of things my way to distract me from the night. Stuff I thought I had planned was falling through. People were texting me and telling me they might not be able to do some other things we had planned for weeks. Honestly, it just felt like one thing after another was crashing down. When that happens, I know God is going to surprise us. That was my prayer the entire night: “God, surprise us by what you do. God, show up in that room.” He did. From the very onset of the night, there was a sense of energy and anticipation and I really believe kids were getting a clear picture of God. We started out the night by giving out free sundaes. If you came early, you got a sundae. Kids dug it.

Then, to kick axis off, we passed out glowsticks to everyone, darkened the room and our drummer started a drum solo that led in to the songs We Shine and All Because of Jesus. We then did "Song in My Heart" by Tanner & Chase ... a takeoff of Song in My Heart by Mark & Dave at the Momentum Conference. It was HILARIOUS! We then heard from our Operation Barnabas students and got to hear briefly about their summer mission trip. Then we took a FUN axis quiz ... just a fun way I went over some of our rules at axis and then headed in to our teaching time.

We talked about the importance of truly knowing God ... not just knowing ABOUT Him, but truly KNOWING Him. And, that God isn't something we "do" to spice up our life. Truly knowing God means that He IS our life. By the end of the night, many kids were on their faces before God asking Him to be THE most important thing. Kids were praying with and for each other. Adults were loving on kids. The worship was genuine and powerful. My prayer all day was that God would surpise us. And, literally, I was surprised because as we went in to our two closing songs (Arms Open Wide and From the Inside Out) I had told our adults and student leaders to be ready to pray with kids. So, I knew they had it covered so I just had my eyes closed and was worshipping and, honestly, had no idea what was going on around me until the end of the night when I opened my eyes and say kids on their faces doing business with God. Wow! It was AWESOME!

"God, keep moving in our kids."

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