Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Thoughts

- Had a super cool time at Grace yesterday. We've been going through a series called Refuel the past 3 weeks: Stop, Get Quiet, Make a Connection. Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead our church in a time of connecting with God. We worked our way through a journal and wrote down our thoughts on attributes of God, some verses, some pictures and verses on being a child of God, the forgiveness of God, and we also watched a music video (The Motions by Matthew West) and journaled on what are some things that God may be asking us to do. It was totally different, and in my opinion, totally cool. Interspersed between our journal times were times when we could respond to God through music. Miah and Jeremy did a great job of bringing us before God through music and preparing our hearts to hear from God. I thought it was a nice change of pace from what normally happens on a Sunday morning at Grace and my prayer is that everyone who was there will have a greater thirst for God.

- Today I start helping with the cross country team at Fairfield High School. I'm really excited about this opportunity mainly because it gives me the chance to be more involved at the school which means more opportunities with kids. Hopefully some good opportunities will come of this.

- Speaking of running ... I've still been training for a marathon in October, but I've hit a little bit of a set back in my training. I had been having some leg problems (specifically I.T. Band Syndrome) since my half marathon in May. That healed up and I was able to start training for this race. But, over the past 3 weeks the nasty I.T. Band has been giving me some trouble again. I've been going through physical therapy for 3 weeks and just went to the doctor again last week. I finished all of my therapy sessions, and the doctor said if things don't get better he could give me a cortizone shot in hopes to clear things up. Went for a run today ... got to about 2 and half miles and BAM the pain got really intense. So, my last ditch effort to run this race will be to get a cortizone shot and hope that clears things up. I go tomorrow at 11:15 and praying that it works. I've missed about 2 weeks of training, so I definately have some catching up to do.

- Our axis Fall kickoff is this Wednesday. I'm really excited about it and just have a real anticipation for this Fall. Can't wait to see how God moves in our teenagers and can't wait to see us be able to reach more kids. "God, please bring kids to us and gives me the wisdom and the vision to know how to best reach them."

- Had some big time rain this morning. Carol took Ezra and Mercy to the library and there was a HUGE puddle in the parking lot. Here's my EZ being a boy! Carol said he just ran and jumped in that puddle for like 15 minutes!
- Jim comes back tomorrow. He's been on sabbatical for the past 8 weeks and it will be good to have him back!

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