Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Axis Wrap Up

Topic: Ask Us Anything

Questions: Why are Christians so against abortion? Can we lose our salvation? Why does God put us through hard times?

Student Involvement: Our kids did everything. They greeted, led the worship, worked the cafe, worked in the tech "cage," and did all of the speaking.

Fun Stuff: We showed a video from the Momentum Conference we were at 2 weeks ago. Good, good fun.

Night Review: Our students did an amazing job leading the entire night. It was so cool for me to just be able to sit back and watch them work. They worked hard behind the scenes to plan everything and pulled everything off very well. I loved hearing the testimonies from Momentum and hearing about how kids were challenged. I loved hearing 3 of our high schoolers tackle 3 pretty tough questions. And, I loved hearing our kids clap after every testimony and after every student answered one of the questions. It was great to see our kids supporting each other. With every round of applause I thought to myself ... "Hey, this never happens for me." :) I was really proud of our students and look forward to them doing this once a month for the rest of the year. The plan is to see them eventually move to twice a month by January.

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