Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday axis Wrap Up

Topic: Ask Us Anything
Questions: How many times does God forgive us? Should I date someone who is not a Christian?
Student Involvement: We had kids greeting, working the cafe, playing on the worship team, reading Scripture, and working in the tech "cage."
Fun Stuff: A really fun game called "Knight, Mount, Carry" and a little bit of dodgeball.
Bible Verses: 1 John 1:9, Psalm 103:8 - 13, Psalm 130:3 - 4, Isaiah 38:17, 2 Corinthians 6:14 - 16
Lesson Review: These were really good questions and addressed where many of our students are. I loved talking about God's grace and forgiveness. His grace and forgiveness completely changed my life and I love taking the opportunity to talk about it. For whatever reason, we just often feel that God doesn't still love us when we mess up or struggle with things over and over. It was cool to have some of our kids read verses that talked about God's nature and His forgiveness. We also just spent some time praying quietly and asking God to speak truth in to our lives.
The dating question is always a good one. I tried to talk about it from a stand point of, first of all, don't date jerks! Unfortunately, just because a person is a Christian doesn't mean their still not a jerk. So, don't date jerks. Also, just because someone is not a Christian doesn't necessarily mean they don't have values and morals and aren't nice people. But, if a person is serious about God and serious about their relationship with Jesus ... if you date someone who is not ... that's going to be a major issue in the relationship. It's an issue that will cause huge problems down the road and could also lead to a person compromising their faith simply to stay in the relationship. The ideal would be to date a Christian guy or girl who is growing in their faith, treats you with absolute respect, and helps you be a better person.

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